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IC's History

International Communication Advertising Company (IC) was established in 2020 and office is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our services in this sector include media planning & strategy, media buying and placement in local and international channels and publications. 


IC's Approach

Our approach to an effective media campaign relies purely on in-depth knowledge and relevant media research data, which helps us target the right audience. We help brands improve their marketing, find new customers, and build stronger customer relationships. Because we know consumers better than everyone else, we help our customers reach the right consumers, in the right place and time, both offline or online, and create better experiences. 


IC's Strength

International Communication Advertising Company (IC) is measurable for quality, accessibility, and most importantly, value for money. At the heart of our business lies our commitment to using an integrated approach across all the creative and marketing disciplines available to us to meet the needs and problems of our customers and provide innovative and effective solutions. We help our customers make use of all available communication channels to ensure their message is seen, heard, and read in all the right places.


IC's Objective

Our objective was to create a communications agency that is fits into the modern era. Our core principle is to provide the best value for money and generate a reasonable return on investment.

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